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Fognigma is an enterprise software solution which automatically creates encrypted, cloaked networks, allowing total protection and anonymity of communication traffic. Inside a Fognigma network are invisible and secure communication components, such as telephony, file share, video conferencing, messaging, VDIs, and more.


Fognigma integrates specialized, commercial, and open source tools to bring a complete solution to the table. Our product offerings have a proven record of success for many different types of organizations. We can provide solutions for any agency’s needs, including

Mission Partner Enviorment

Build invisible and encrypted cloud-based networks on demand to protect your users, networks, data, and organizations.

Automated Encryption Services

Encryption is handled automatically, so nothing travels without protection and encryption doesn’t get in the way of your work.

Secure Collaboration

All of your collaboration tools—such as fileshare, chat messaging, video conferencing, etc.—all in one protected place.

Encrypted Communication

Encrypted telephony makes sure your communications cannot be intercepted. Misattributed calling lets you control how your calls appear to the outside world.

Software Highlight - Fognigma

Fognigma can deploy collaboration resources on either public or private clouds. Leveraging this hybrid provisioning system allows clients to avoid vendor lock-in and determine the most economical integration for their mission specifications to maximize efficiency, flexibility, and resiliency

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